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Operational Compliance

Sometimes it’s important for your sites to follow requests or protocols delivered by head office. These requests could be for many different reasons and could be ongoing or of a one-off nature. We help multi-site operators gain insight into which sites are complying as well as those that are not.

Our operational compliance audits are an in-depth analysis of the efficiency of operational areas of your business. They are typically bespoke audits that check on your employees’ ability to adhere to agreed operating protocols. Whatever areas of your business you need auditing, we will work with you to create an audit specification that fits your business’ aims.

Working as a team, your audit specification will be written using your current operational policies, or Venners can even develop these for you – allowing you to set the bar for your staff and secure the safe and compliant running of your business.

Compliance audit reports are tailored to your business goals and can be customised with scores and targets to allow you to motivate staff b setting targeted bonuses relating to audit report scores.

Main benefits:

  • Tailored audits
  • Cloud-based software
  • Written policies
  • Operational controls
  • Scored audits
  • Consultancy and advise
  • Staff training availability
  • Development of systems and protocols
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