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Operational Compliance

Have Venners Compliance check that your site-based staff are complying operationally with any instructions fed down from headquarters. Checks can ensure that staff are following your orders, procedures and protocols.

When managing multi-site operations, there may be times where you request site-based staff to adhere to operational requests or you might put in place new systems and protocols for them to follow. Then you face a challenge particular to multi-site operations. You do not know which sites are adhering to your requests and in order to check, you would have to cover great distances. The problem typically scales with the size of the estate.

One example of operational compliance checks is when a client wanted to put in place newly printed POS but later found out that a number of sites had disagreed with the POS design and had not replaced the current version. Due to the number of sites and how spread out across the country they were, it made sense for them to ask Venners Compliance to provide the audits.

These audits are wide ranging and can encompass the investigation of any area of your business, including: payroll, internal control, EPoS management, adherence to cash and banking procedures, deposits /sales ledger, stock control, site security, document retention, ordering & receipt of goods, purchase ledger, management control, employment procedures and energy usage.

Main benefits:

  • Periodic compliance audits
  • Feedback and insight
  • Improved protocol adherence
  • Improved staff performance
  • Reduced risk
  • Same day reports
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