Speaking about protecting brand reputation

Protecting Brand Reputation

Venners Consultancy Director, Malcolm Muir, spoke at the Autumn Conference organised by Arena last week and shared some examples of potentially damaging business practices and ways to protect brand reputation.   “As the industry-leading hospitality business solution company, Venners has completed many thousands of stocktakes and compliance audits” explained Muir “and, frankly, some of the…


A Checklist for Compliance

Ensuring ongoing legislative, operational and financial compliance is critical to running a safe and profitable restaurant business. While it can be challenging to do this across a multi-site estate, third-party auditing has been proven to deliver valuable insight and stringent controls for the savvy operator.   1. Protection against fraud   With one major story…

Corporate Governance & Risk

How Well Does Your Business Address Governance and Risk?

Corporate Governance and Risk in 2018   2018 was a year of quite startling change for the hospitality industry, in many ways. Certainly our company, Venners, went through a process of reinvention, as companies often should. At the same time, the industry’s trading and regulatory climate shifted to something more complex, more dystopian.   Venners…

Cash Handling

Duncan Explains the Dangers of Cash Handling in Bars

Our Venners Consulting division regularly provide useful tips on financial controls within your business. This week Duncan covered some important topics on cash handling. We’d highly recommend reading this blog if your venues operate busy bars that can be very susceptible to regular losses in cash. Duncan will take you through the worries of cash…