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Allergen Audits and Safety Checks

You’ve got systems in place and the training done, but how do you know when critical standards begin to fall? Protect your customers from life-endangering allergen reactions with these periodic compliance checks.

If you work in food service, catering or restaurants, then one of the most serious considerations you are responsible for is management of allergens and the proper delivery of information to customers to help them make informed decisions about what they consume.

In the UK, 10 people die every year from serious food allergies. Many allergy sufferers also have asthma, meaning they are more likely to suffer severe reactions to food. The yearly death toll of 15,000 for asthma sufferers, possibly includes a number of deaths that were onset by food allergies.

For multi-site operators, who may struggle to control safety standards across many sites, Venners Compliance can help. We provide a simple allergen management and standards checking service, which flags up any non-compliance, training shortfalls, problems with allergen literature and holes in protocol.

Main benefits:

  • Periodic audits
  • Literature and information checks
  • Customer service checks
  • Procurement / ingredient checks
  • Penetration testing
  • Same day reports
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